Mar. 13th, 2008

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My Lovely New Flat is gradually emerging from the piles of boxes with which it has been filled for the last month. Last night I even took what I consider a significant step towards oh you know houseproudliness and bourgeois respectability and all those Daily Mail/Middle England sorts of virtues by removing the table which had been holding the bathroom door permanently open for the last three weeks. There really wasn't anywhere else it could go, but it did rather curtail the range of guests I was ready to admit to closer friends only, especially if they seemed likely to require the lavatory at any point during their visit. There's only so much looking the other way and stuffing fingers in ears that one can do. Now it - the table, that is - is sitting in the kitchen and getting in the way terribly, but still I suspect this is what the How Clean Is Your House people would counsel had they happened to visit. Thank goodness they haven't. I wouldn't want to know about their bathroom habits.

Anyway, none of this is awfully to the point, which is that I'm just about to set up my phone and net and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or ghastly cautionary stories of woe relating to land line/broadband bundles, Tiscali (my currently favoured option) in particular? Any thoughts?

Also, there is a special prize for enormous cleverness and being desperately well-read for everyone who recognises the quotation in my title. But it would be very vulgar to call attention to the fact that you do recognise it, so the way that you qualify for the prize is by just reading the title and then nodding and inwardly smiling to yourself as you sit at your computer and thereby share with me a moment of self-congratulation and smug recognition of our cultural bond.1

1Please note that this competition is not open to anyone whose degree happens to be in Eng Lit as you have a terribly unfair advantage. Just leave it for the Computer Scientists and that sort of person as they'll feel ever so much prouder if they win.


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