Sep. 26th, 2008

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Oh god, not content with drifting ever more right-wing, the Cleggist LibDems are just being downright embarrassing with this cold-calling stunt of theirs. Who on earth in a million years really thought that that'd lead to a big rise in LibDem popularity? I'm feeling that disillusionment and falling of crests you get when somebody you really fancy turns out to believe that there is such a word as 'wierd': it had all been going so swimmingly and you were so proud, but actually no, scales-drop-from-eyes time: this is, it suddenly transpires, no grand passion and maybe you're not actually going to introduce them to your friends after all, and abundantly not in any forum where they might happen to be writing about the uncanny, the arcane or even simply the unfamiliar.

But where does this leave the oh-you-know-vaguely-left-liberal-decent-sort-of-pinko-Guardianista to go? Neither Dave nor Gordon are exactly enticing options and both are still to the right even of the New LDs. So err, what's left (in all senses)? Am I going to have to change my Facebook politics status to 'apathetic'? !!! Like the heroine of a nineteenth-century novel, I am disenchanted, dismayed and like to swoon.

And another thing: how come there are so many people called Clegg about all of a sudden? There used only to be Peter Sallis, and he always seemed perfectly harmless and normally rather charming, really, but now they're absolutely everywhere. It's terrifyingly like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and something really ought to be done about it.

But anyway, a poll: Read more... )


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