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On Saturday I did the last thing that anyone would have expected and went to Slimelight! The thrill must have all gone to my poor weak blond head as now I'm only going and breaking my two-month lj duck and posting. Crumbs.
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Today I am full of snot and horror and loathing for myself and all humanity. I really fancy a chai tea latte from Starbucks, even though it's full of sugar and giganticglobalcorporation bad karma, but there's no possibility of my getting one any time soon.

Last weekend, however, was Infest, which was simply great. I'm not bothering with a review as such here, as you've heard it all before. However, I should say that all that D, DD & PPTM seem to have awoken the clubbing beast that has been slumbering inside me all this year, and suddenly it has become incredibly important that I cut some serious UV-reactive 180bpm rug in the very near future. But where to go? [poll] )
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This morning afternoon I have [ profile] nisaba, [ profile] melston, [ profile] steer and [ profile] firedraken asleep in my front room. It's a living-near-Slimelight thing.

Right now I am listening to francophone industrial. It seems wrong really, but it makes a nice change to have one's spikyness not Teutonic for once. French can be quite a good language for sounding cross in, if one really tries.

Hmm, I shouldn't be at all surprised if some sadcase somewhere has made some shouty music or other in Klingon.

My first Slimes in ever-so-long fully met expectations. I talked to dozens of people and felt wildly popular. Naturally. We never quite worked out if [ profile] nils was a swing and [ profile] erzibet a roundabout, or vice versa, but I don't expect it matters. I met [ profile] alan_ie's Irish friend Katri, who turned out not to be Irish after all, but Finnish and not unattractive. You'd think people would make things like that clear in advance. Still, she seemed very nice, confusions of nationality notwithstanding.

Slimes is quite fun, you know. One forgets. But I had a splendid time, and, like shingles and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'll be back. Hopefully improving on the six-months-between-visits that prevailed before yesterday...

Gosh, I'm terse and laconic this morning, aren't I? Never fear, I'm sure I'll froth and coruscate in more accustomed style when I'm not quite so tired. *yawn*
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On the Today programme this morning, they mentioned that in Libya mothers scare their children when they've been bad by telling them that Thatcher will get them. I think this is good and right and should be encouraged here too. It also reminded me of quite how dull the Conservatives have got. It used to be so easy to hate the Tories, because they were all such remorselessly repellent characters: Thatcher, Tebbit, Nicholas Ridley; they really could haunt your worst nightmares.

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Incidentally, and on an entirely different tack, who's planning on Sliming on Saturday?
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Hmm, my card's expired, and I have no idea if I can be bothered to get a new one. Am I really going to go to Slimes sufficient times in the next year to warrant it? I'm not sure.


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