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Sorry, I only ever seem to post here nowadays when I'm begging some sort of help. What shockingly bad manners. Oh well, if anyone has any early medieval history-related problems they want solving...

Anyway, yes, I've been trying to set up a wireless network this weekend, using a Linksys router and networking card for my laptop. I've configured the router and set up a wired connection for a desktop machine, all of which is working fine. However, I'm having trouble persuading the wireless connection to my laptop to work. The card appears to be working fine, and is detecting a number of available networks, including my own. But on connecting the status would be given as 'acquiring network address', and the machine would then never get any further.

Googling would suggest that this appears to be a common issue with Linksys kit under XP SP2: for some reason there is a problem with the automatic assignment of IP addresses. To get around this I've tried going into TCP/IP Properties under Network Connections on Control Panel and assigning a static IP address to the machine. I've used, on the grounds that my desktop machine seemed to be using This has cleared the problem to some extent, in that I'm no longer getting the 'Acquiring Network Address' message, and the wireless network connection icon is showing that I'm successfully connected. Which is marvellous, but I'm still not able to connect to any websites: I'm just getting a Server Not Found error.

Now is this something to do with the other variables in the TCP/IP Properties dialogue which I haven't set?

It asks me for Subnet mask, but values for that appeared automatically when I entered the IP address in the field above, so that's not a problem. But It's also asking me for a value for Default gateway: what do I need to enter there? And where can I find the appropriate values for Preferred DNS server? Should that be the IP address of my router (

Can anyone help? And have I actually diagnosed the problem correctly? Is it these missing values which are causing the problem?

I shall be forever in your debt and proffer half my worldly wealth and my firstborn to anyone who can lend assistance...
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Is there a good reason not to download the Office 2007 Beta (assuming that I know all the usual stuff about no support, nightmare ifyadon'tknowhwatyadoin' etc etc: I'm not asking about betas in general, I'm asking if anyone has specific information that the Office 2007 beta is especially unstable or will do horrible things to my system)? Or should I just stick with, assuming I haven't grown a long beard and died in the time that it takes to load?

A Tale of Gore (tedious political stuff, and not even British politics, either) )

Update: Oh dear, while pottering around that Office download site, I noticed something about 'Windows Defender'. 'Hooray', I thought, 'excellent retro computer gaming is to be included on the next release of Windows'. But it isn't that at all. I think they should be sued for getting my hopes up like that.
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Is gmail playing up for anyone else? It currently won't let me log on, claiming that I have cookies switched off (I don't.). It's played silly buggers like this with me a few times before, but has always previously worked and logged me on properly on re-loading the page. Now, however, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to persuade it.

I'm running Firefox 1.5 under XP, with cookies turned on. I did have cookies from allowed for 'session only', but I've now altered this to simply allowing them. This has made no difference whatever, even after closing and re-starting. I hadn't, I should add, changed any values or settings until after the problem started this morning. Yesterday I was reading gmail (albeit from a different computer) with no problem. Likewise, I logged on with no difficulties from this machine on Friday.

Any thoughts?

Okay, that's the end of the dull techie bit! You can start reading again now!

Are you all feeling terribly intelligent? Does anyone here like Round Britain Quiz? I have an idea for something to do next week, but I may need suggestions for the questions, if any of you are feeling especially brilliant...

Update: All comments now screened. See here for why.
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If I were interested in having a look at running Linux on my home pc, and I thought to do so by booting from a live CD downloaded from, which might be an interesting one to choose?

I say 'have a look' advisedly here: I am currently entirely ignorant even as to what running Linux would look like, and I should like to know a little more before contemplating any putative flight from the awful tyranny of Microsoft. This seems to be a way to do this without doing anything as alarmingly drastic as actually installing a new OS.


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