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Their poor weak little minds turned by all the popular adulation, poutingly curvaceous groupies and so on attendant upon their previous historical tours of London, Whitby, Winchester and elsewhere (have we done some others? I forget), [ profile] swisstone and [ profile] childeric are very happy to announce that they are once more venturing forth. Again they invite all their friends to be thrilled, amazed and edified by the sparkling chrysoprases of scholarly insight and historical knowledge which will issue from their manly yet still sensitive and artistic lips.

To be brief (thank goodness), Tony and I shall be going for a walk around Canterbury in August, and shall point out some interesting and picturesque bits to anyone who stands still long enough, trying at the same time to put it all in something approaching historical context. If that sounds too wildly cerebral for you, we'll also, I imagine, be popping into a pub for lunch (there are some jolly splendid ones in Canterbury), and generally having a nice day out in a market town.

The day we have planned for this is 12 August. Further details, reminders, and so on closer to the time, but it'd be a great help in judging numbers (and making sure that we haven't ended up clashing with anything vital) if you could fill in this poll:
Will he manage to avoid the temptation to mention Chaucer? Answers are under here )
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...I go and do something mad like making a livejournal post.

I thought about doing one the other day on how much I abhor Comic Sans font, on how I loathe the half-chuckling, look-this-is-where-you're-supposed-to-laugh idiot boardishness of it, and on the scorn and contempt that I feel should be unleashed on the woebegone heads of the kinds of gosh-me-I'm-so-zany people that feel the need to use it, presumably in some doomed attempt to make their ghastly missives seem chummy and quirky... God, I hate Comic Sans.

A post solely about typography felt, well, less than entirely rock'n'roll, if not bordering on the positively geeky, though, so you are spared that.

Then I wondered about doing something innerleckshewl (as Alan Ginsberg chose, for reasons best known to himself, to put it) about Roland Barthes, whom I have been reading. Unfortunately I discovered that whereas Mythologies and his other works have had the most profoundly inspirational effect on western thought, and indeed must be reckoned amongst the prime formative influences of the present-day intellectual climate, whenever I try to write about them all I seem to do is try to find really laboured puns about throwing out the baby with the Barthes water or falling asleep in the Barthes, or that sort of thing. That really won't do, will it?

So instead I shall talk about something lots more fun )


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