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Gosh. Reissued! And with four bonus live tracks apparently. I really really shouldn't. But, umm, it's got four bonus live tracks...

Do you get that thing where you feel like you're uber-virtuous and a really good person when you actually part with money for a CD nowadays? I really like that little frisson of moral high-groundedness. It's like, people who are good all the time mustn't enjoy it very much, because it's so much better a kick when you only do it occasionally.

Also, somehow I'd missed this: if ludicrous rock gestures are your thang, go to Jizzy Pearl's site, for video from the LA news channels of Jizzo crucifying himself on the Y of the Hollywood sign in an attempt to drum up sales in 1992. Oh dear. Gotta love planet rock, though, haven't you? I think this was some knotted-brow attempt at art. Or something.

Incidentally, I'm gonna buy Vain tickets for the MeanFiddler on 27 May. For whom else shall I buy?

Oo, and another thing: if, like me, you remember the Decline of Western Civilization, but don't actually have a copy, then Faster Pussycat's section is available for download from Brent Muscat's site here. 'So how come you guys are so obsessed with sex?' Complete with live versions of 'Bathroom Door' and 'Cathouse'... Who could ask for more? (hmm, although sound quality might be nice...)

Incidentally, some time or other, I think we should go round to someone's who has a really big tv, and get in copies of 'Decline' and 'Airheads' and 'Detroit Rock City' and any other cool hard-rockin' movies and nostalge.... :)


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