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On Saturday I did the last thing that anyone would have expected and went to Slimelight! The thrill must have all gone to my poor weak blond head as now I'm only going and breaking my two-month lj duck and posting. Crumbs.
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Anyone fancy coming to Hawkwind's Solstice Ritual show at the Astoria tonight? This should be a pretty good shindig, with not just uncle Dave Brock's psychedelic warlords themselves promised, but dancers and swirly lights and all sorts of acid-tinged goodness.

Frequently they seem to get chums in to do special guest slots for these solstice bashes too, so who knows, you might even get to see Dumpy Dunn1 or Arthur Brown too! Hooray! The cups of any lucky attendees will, I'm sure you'll agree, runneth over!

Tickets are £20, but [ profile] zoo_music_girl isn't coming and won't use hers, so if you ask very nicely, we might be able to give it to you for a bit less...

Update: Talking of Hawkwind, I gather that Bob Calvert's ex-bassist, a gentleman by the name of Michael Moorcock, is going to be doing some manner of show next month in town. I rather fancy going along and seeing if he'll sign my copy of Hype.

1 Only [ profile] drpete and maybe about two others amongst you have even the slightest notion who Dumpy Dunn is, uncouth illiterates that you are... All those that consider themselves musically knowledgeable, name three DRN songs, if you can! Betcha can't. ;-p
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I went to Einsturzende Neubauten last night.

Sometimes they reminded me rather of Yes. At other times I thought they slightly recalled Thomas Tallis. But most of all I think that they're very much like the Wombles.

That wasn't at all what I thought I'd think. Oh well.

Oo, but I discovered a weird kink about myself. I *really* like it, in an entirely unreasonable and slightly heady, dreamy way, when a man with a heavy German accent talks about people 'sweating like pigs'. Now I want Rammstein to say that sort of thing too.

Tonight I'm going to see Dead Can Dance!
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Ber-loody hell, Vain are playing the Mean Fiddler on 27 May! [ profile] miss_soap, I very much hope that you'll be there... As should anyone else who's ever danced to 'Beat the Bullet'.

And can anyone tell me if the Eagles of Death Metal are any good? I've only listened to the new QotSA once, and nothing's exactly leapt out of it at me. It needs a bit more of a listen, I think, but in the meantime I'm wondering about the QotSA side projects.... I presume the name should be taken as an indication that they're not actually death metal? [ profile] naturalbornkaos, is this your sorta thing?

And (being dead catholic in my music taste) who's up for Seabound at the Garage on Sat (apart from the ones I already know about: [ profile] teqkiller and [ profile] naturalbornkaos)?


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