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Hello chaps, how are we doing, then? I trust we've all been inverting our crosses and biting the heads off bats and whatever else it is that's expected. I'm trying to do a few things to promote the reign and dominion of our master The One With Horns, although it's a touch tricky this morning as I have a lecture to write that really can't wait, and besides, the University of London campus is absolutely the last place on earth that I have the slightest chance of laying hands on a virgin to sacrifice. Perhaps I shall start small by just not holding doors open for people or something. Though that's just rude, really, and not awfully Satanic, so perhaps I shan't.

Oh well, in honour of the date, have this lyrics quiz )

The Scores So Far:

[ profile] kixie 5
[ profile] sarcaustick 4
[ profile] swisstone 2
[ profile] rich_r 10 (Satan wants him for a sunbeam)
[ profile] vin_petrol 9 (Be the Devil's Own: Lucifer's my name!)
[ profile] thermaland 6
[ profile] nils 7
[ profile] purplestuart 4
[ profile] magfish 11 (Princess of Darkness)
[ profile] zoo_music_girl 7
[ profile] wardytron 4
[ profile] redcountess 9 (her middle name is Damian, you know)
[ profile] d_floorlandmine 11 (For the devil sends the beast with wrath...)
[ profile] gramie_dee 14 (Metal God)
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1) Where on earth has Swear gone?

They moved a couple of years ago from that bit close to the entrance to the stables market up to a space in-between Cyberdog and Black Rose, but yesterday when I went there all ready and psyched for Preposterous Footwear, The Buying Of, imagine my horror when I saw that they'd been and upped and left.

I wandered around a bit looking for somewhere they might have hidden themselves, but the hideous leering face and rasping apelike chatter of Homo Camdeniensis pressing in from all sides began to get to [ profile] zoo_music_girl, so we left without tracking it down.

Failing Swear, where else might the well-dressed boy about town find utterly utterly über trainers, do you think? Platforms for preference, but most importantly big and rubbery and cyber-y.

Incidentally and somewhat to my surprise, I think the new bit in the middle of the Stables Market actually works reasonably well. All the jeremiads and end-of-the-world-is-nigh-ishness seems somewhat overdone in retrospect. But then, I'm not sure that alternative kidz are ever happy except when they're being Oppressed and having something to get Very Cross Indeed about.

2) Who's planning on going to see Covenant at Islington in May?

[Poll #690078]

UPDATE! Hell, I knew I'd forgotten something. There is a point 3.

3) Is there a sushi-quality fishmonger that anyone can recommend? In Islington, if poss...
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Anyone fancy coming to Hawkwind's Solstice Ritual show at the Astoria tonight? This should be a pretty good shindig, with not just uncle Dave Brock's psychedelic warlords themselves promised, but dancers and swirly lights and all sorts of acid-tinged goodness.

Frequently they seem to get chums in to do special guest slots for these solstice bashes too, so who knows, you might even get to see Dumpy Dunn1 or Arthur Brown too! Hooray! The cups of any lucky attendees will, I'm sure you'll agree, runneth over!

Tickets are £20, but [ profile] zoo_music_girl isn't coming and won't use hers, so if you ask very nicely, we might be able to give it to you for a bit less...

Update: Talking of Hawkwind, I gather that Bob Calvert's ex-bassist, a gentleman by the name of Michael Moorcock, is going to be doing some manner of show next month in town. I rather fancy going along and seeing if he'll sign my copy of Hype.

1 Only [ profile] drpete and maybe about two others amongst you have even the slightest notion who Dumpy Dunn is, uncouth illiterates that you are... All those that consider themselves musically knowledgeable, name three DRN songs, if you can! Betcha can't. ;-p
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Every gal and every boy that's born into the world alive, Is either a little Liberal or else a little Conservative (Fa la lah)

[Poll #584258]

Of course, we all know that Boris would really be the best bet. Unfortunately, though, the Conservatives have still not recognised that their chief role in life is to provide light relief to the political process and are running round possessed of the extraordinary notion that they're a serious party which might one day return to government. Tragic, really, when it happens like that...
I'm currently wondering whom I fancy. )

And bats with baby faces in the violet light, Whistled, and beat their wings, And crawled head downward down a blackened wall

On an entirely different note...

I have quite a strong yen to see Hawkwind live again. I don't think I've seen them since 2002, when they supported Motorhead at, oo, Wembley, I think. Notwithstanding the fact that they were absolutely awful on that occasion, I think it might be fun to go again. They're doing their regular Christmas show at the Astoria on 21 Dec, and there'll be dancers and explosions and swirly lights and, well, major hallucinogens and that sort of thing! Fun for all!

I'm in the unfortunate position of knowing that not a single one of you would dream of wanting to accompany me, but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless.

Also, is there truth in these rumours about Neil Innes forming a Bonzo Dog Band line-up for a tour next year? It sounds like an absolutely terrible idea to me, but never mind...
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I'm not really here, but I couldn't let this little fashion for posting pictures of bands and then asking the readership to guess them pass by without, well, elaborating on it a little.... You possibly don't remember the column in Kerrang which every week used to picture a rock star of the moment in embarrassing former plumage, but I do...

The protocol (from [ profile] duranorak and [ profile] zoo_music_girl):

The rules:
1. Open a music player.
2. Go to 'all music'/'library'.
3. Hit shuffle/repeat/randomise.
4. Find photos of the first 10 artists/bands that come up [no repeats and no cheating].
5. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.

But I'm at work and don't have a music player, so here are just some more unusual photos of some bands I like... Try and guess, but don't read the filenames! Or just gawp in horror...

Shots they almost certainly didn't want anyone to see... If you like rock bands and want to carry on liking them, think long and hard before clicking on this link )
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I think there is not enough traffic on, and you should all go and contribute. Actually, if you haven't before, go and have a look at all of [ profile] sarahloo's stuff at, as it's really really good, and she's quite irritatingly talented! (Do I get a free print for the plug? ;-) ). She should put that picture of the flags that she had on her journal the other day up on her site, too, though. It's very Now and Zen-era Robert Plant.

Which reminds me, does anyone fancy coming and seeing him in December? £30, unfortunately, but it's bound to be a good show. I've not seen him since the Unled-ed tour in 1994!

I presume that the usual suspects are VNV-ing at Islington Academy? Suzi said she wasn't, I think, but lots of the rest of you will, won't you?

Beneath this cut tag is a poll about Infest, about which I'm almost ridiculously over-excited already... )
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Gosh. Reissued! And with four bonus live tracks apparently. I really really shouldn't. But, umm, it's got four bonus live tracks...

Do you get that thing where you feel like you're uber-virtuous and a really good person when you actually part with money for a CD nowadays? I really like that little frisson of moral high-groundedness. It's like, people who are good all the time mustn't enjoy it very much, because it's so much better a kick when you only do it occasionally.

Also, somehow I'd missed this: if ludicrous rock gestures are your thang, go to Jizzy Pearl's site, for video from the LA news channels of Jizzo crucifying himself on the Y of the Hollywood sign in an attempt to drum up sales in 1992. Oh dear. Gotta love planet rock, though, haven't you? I think this was some knotted-brow attempt at art. Or something.

Incidentally, I'm gonna buy Vain tickets for the MeanFiddler on 27 May. For whom else shall I buy?

Oo, and another thing: if, like me, you remember the Decline of Western Civilization, but don't actually have a copy, then Faster Pussycat's section is available for download from Brent Muscat's site here. 'So how come you guys are so obsessed with sex?' Complete with live versions of 'Bathroom Door' and 'Cathouse'... Who could ask for more? (hmm, although sound quality might be nice...)

Incidentally, some time or other, I think we should go round to someone's who has a really big tv, and get in copies of 'Decline' and 'Airheads' and 'Detroit Rock City' and any other cool hard-rockin' movies and nostalge.... :)
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I went to Einsturzende Neubauten last night.

Sometimes they reminded me rather of Yes. At other times I thought they slightly recalled Thomas Tallis. But most of all I think that they're very much like the Wombles.

That wasn't at all what I thought I'd think. Oh well.

Oo, but I discovered a weird kink about myself. I *really* like it, in an entirely unreasonable and slightly heady, dreamy way, when a man with a heavy German accent talks about people 'sweating like pigs'. Now I want Rammstein to say that sort of thing too.

Tonight I'm going to see Dead Can Dance!
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Ber-loody hell, Vain are playing the Mean Fiddler on 27 May! [ profile] miss_soap, I very much hope that you'll be there... As should anyone else who's ever danced to 'Beat the Bullet'.

And can anyone tell me if the Eagles of Death Metal are any good? I've only listened to the new QotSA once, and nothing's exactly leapt out of it at me. It needs a bit more of a listen, I think, but in the meantime I'm wondering about the QotSA side projects.... I presume the name should be taken as an indication that they're not actually death metal? [ profile] naturalbornkaos, is this your sorta thing?

And (being dead catholic in my music taste) who's up for Seabound at the Garage on Sat (apart from the ones I already know about: [ profile] teqkiller and [ profile] naturalbornkaos)?


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