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Clarification: As [ profile] dougs quite rightly points out, the 13% headline rate is actually 13% over 3 years, i.e. closer to 4% per year (and 2% of that is not even definite), as described here:
The pay increases agreed as a result of these negotiations are as follows:

August 2006: greater of 3% or £515
February 2007: 1%
August 2007: 3%
May 2008: greater of 3% or £420
October 2008: 2.5% or RPI (as at September 2008) whichever is the greater*

*if the review provides evidence of higher education institutions' ability to further improve the pay of staff in 2008-09 this would be included within these negotiations.

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Is there a good reason not to download the Office 2007 Beta (assuming that I know all the usual stuff about no support, nightmare ifyadon'tknowhwatyadoin' etc etc: I'm not asking about betas in general, I'm asking if anyone has specific information that the Office 2007 beta is especially unstable or will do horrible things to my system)? Or should I just stick with, assuming I haven't grown a long beard and died in the time that it takes to load?

A Tale of Gore (tedious political stuff, and not even British politics, either) )

Update: Oh dear, while pottering around that Office download site, I noticed something about 'Windows Defender'. 'Hooray', I thought, 'excellent retro computer gaming is to be included on the next release of Windows'. But it isn't that at all. I think they should be sued for getting my hopes up like that.
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Further to what TB was saying in the Manchester Guardian this morning about grammar schools, can anyone who supports non-selective secondary education and the abolition of grammar schools come up with a sound explanation of why that principle should not be extended to higher education? Why are universities allowed to select?

Likewise, as a grammar-school boy of somewhat distressed gentlefolk origins, I've never clearly understood how selection by wealth (that is to say, the abolition of state grammar schools whilst allowing public schools to continue to exist) is fairer and more socially inclusive than selection by intelligence. Anyone care to argue that one?

I sincerely hope that [ profile] wardytron, as a fellow Old Tiff, will support me on this... ;)

Or is that all too intense? Should I just roll over and have my tummy tickled by doing a Johari/Nohari thingy, as I'm very tempted to do? ;)
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A poll inspired by someone with a scarf entirely covered with an 'I ♥ Jesus' print I saw on the tube this morning... (not that said person was particularly attractive to me, I hasten to add, but she did have fantastic hair, and it set me thinking)
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I have a nasty feeling I've run a poll like that before. I'm starting to repeat myself as my lj sinks into its dotage...

I'm off to see Star Wars tonight. Hooray! It's been twenty eight years. Do you realise that? Twenty eight years. Not that I was ever that huge a fan, but still, it's nice that it's completed. Maybe the BBC will take notice and finish the Tripods.

Yeah, right...
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Well, that's alright, then. Cons kept out, a Labour majority cut to the extent that they won't get identity cards or very much else of their more repressive legislation through, and an increased LibDem representation.

Obviously, there was much that one might have hoped for that never transpired - Islington South stayed Lab by fewer than 500 votes over the LibDems - but all-in-all it could have been a great deal worse.

I'm terribly pleased that the LibDems held all of their chunk of south-west London: my father's been an activist for them there for over forty years, and it'll have made his day. I think that he was ferrying 'old people' to the polls all day and will have been up all night at a results party. Which is really not bad at all given that he's 80. :)

The other week the Guardian (or maybe the Observer, I forget) ran an article likening George Galloway to Oswald Mosley, both being demagogues prone to hobnobbing with revolting dictators and given to vanishing into the East End to stir up a rabble of malcontents in their support. What do you think?

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Can we all stop talking about politics now? Just for a bit? I'm tempted to post something bratty and tarty and attention-seeking just to make the point. I have an idea for what to do too. Shall I do it?
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On the Today programme this morning, they mentioned that in Libya mothers scare their children when they've been bad by telling them that Thatcher will get them. I think this is good and right and should be encouraged here too. It also reminded me of quite how dull the Conservatives have got. It used to be so easy to hate the Tories, because they were all such remorselessly repellent characters: Thatcher, Tebbit, Nicholas Ridley; they really could haunt your worst nightmares.

New Tories. New dullness. )

Incidentally, and on an entirely different tack, who's planning on Sliming on Saturday?
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Hmm, my card's expired, and I have no idea if I can be bothered to get a new one. Am I really going to go to Slimes sufficient times in the next year to warrant it? I'm not sure.


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