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Is there an Infest bus from London this year, does anyone know? I'm trying to get organised as early as poss this time. M-O-O-N, that spells 'organisation', that does. Lawks, yes.

I spent a few minutes earlier completing [ profile] fjm's Questionnaire on children's science fiction. This is none of your lj questionnaire tomfoolery, but real gen-u-ine academic research for an actual purpose. It will take hardly any time at all, so if you have even the slightest interest, do please go and complete and return it! I'm sure Farah will be jolly grateful, and you'll have that warm glow of Being Consulted.

Doing the questionnaire made me think a little about my own reading habits. I would not by any stretch of the imagination term myself a genre SF reader. I will happily read science fiction, but wouldn't go out of my way to read it qua science fiction. Also, many of the best science fiction books that I have read are maybe not often thought of primarily as science fiction: I'm thinking, for instance, Brave New World or 1984. Can I even squeeze Gulliver's Travels in, or is that too much like special pleading for what is more properly Utopian literature than sf as such?

What I wonder, though, is: does this just demonstrate that I'm horrendously prejudiced against science fiction? Do I prefer to see Neuromancer as an interesting permutation on hard-boiled detective fiction a la Chandler rather than as sf because I'm just plain bigoted? Or do the really good works of any genre trascend that genre?


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