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Happy birthday to [ profile] jezebel_z and, umm, me! Only our mothers can tell us apart.

Thanks very much indeed to everyone who came out on Friday. A lovely time was had by all, so far as I can tell, and especially by me. :) And wasn't the jukebox suitably rawktastic? WASP and all...

[ profile] _whitenoise's do on Saturday was excellent fun too: I really enjoyed losing everything at the roulette wheel through my devil-may-care wild-eyed rashness, and wanted to put the family estate, [ profile] zoo_music_girl and my good name in society in jeopardy too, just so's I could lose them all and have to skulk off to Agadir or somewhere amid utter social disaster in a rather Sebastian Flyte sort of way. But they didn't let me, unfortunately.

Today I have plans for a day of repellent and parasitic idleness and self-indulgence: come the revolution I am so first up against the wall. That's a minor long-term difficulty, though, whereas today everything is just peachy, especially as lots of really hot babes keep wishing me happy birthday. Only proper as this is, it nonetheless makes me grin and puts a gloss on the day. :)

Other plans for the next few hours revolve around reading Elisabeth Van Houts's rip-roaring page-turner Memory and Gender in Medieval Europe, 900-1200. More and more these days I seem to be turning into a gender historian, which is absolutely the last thing I'd ever have expected. Women, eh? As Def Leppard once so appositely put it, men can't live without them. Yeah.
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God, I love it in the university precinct when it's hot.
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A poll inspired by someone with a scarf entirely covered with an 'I ♥ Jesus' print I saw on the tube this morning... (not that said person was particularly attractive to me, I hasten to add, but she did have fantastic hair, and it set me thinking)
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I have a nasty feeling I've run a poll like that before. I'm starting to repeat myself as my lj sinks into its dotage...

I'm off to see Star Wars tonight. Hooray! It's been twenty eight years. Do you realise that? Twenty eight years. Not that I was ever that huge a fan, but still, it's nice that it's completed. Maybe the BBC will take notice and finish the Tripods.

Yeah, right...
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One of these days I'm awfully tempted to deliver a rant about the lurking horror that is critical theory. I'm concerned that you'll all write me off as an unreconstructed positivist empiricist if I do, though, no doubt alluding to the fact that I'm a white, straight, male, humanist, universalist, middle-class liberal living in an immensely wealthy western European nation. And tall, rather frantically good-looking, healthy and on the whole pretty cheerful into the bargain.
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Outside the cut tag, I was going to put a flirty little mini-poll thing, but I have lost confidence that it's even momentarily diverting, so I'm not sure I'll bother (which isn't a poorly-concealed attempt to get you to insist that I do run it after all). Is there anything new to say and do on that front at all, really? I refuse to run a poll on the subject for fear of eternally receding from actually saying anything ('I shall run a poll on whether I should do a poll about whether livejournal polls are still interesting').

That's all far too much like a Derridean refusal to acknowledge meaning as more than contingent, due to its unfortunate habit of perpetually receding down chains of reference. Eugh!

I think I may have an existential crisis coming on. Buy me a drink if you see me.
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Spring is here, a-spring is here.
Life is skittles and life is beer.
I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring.
I do, don’t you? ’course you do.
But there’s one thing that makes spring complete for me,
And makes ev’ry sunday a treat for me

All this will-he, won't-he stuff about old Carol brings to mind one of those harmless little parlour games: trying to remember which celebrities are dead or not. The trick here is to pick ones who have faded from the public gaze, and whose shuffling-off-of-mortal-coils would be less likely to inspire note. There are also the Dudley Moore types, where they seem to have been going for ages, and you can never quite remember if they have or not. So here I offer you this poll )
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This morning afternoon I have [ profile] nisaba, [ profile] melston, [ profile] steer and [ profile] firedraken asleep in my front room. It's a living-near-Slimelight thing.

Right now I am listening to francophone industrial. It seems wrong really, but it makes a nice change to have one's spikyness not Teutonic for once. French can be quite a good language for sounding cross in, if one really tries.

Hmm, I shouldn't be at all surprised if some sadcase somewhere has made some shouty music or other in Klingon.

My first Slimes in ever-so-long fully met expectations. I talked to dozens of people and felt wildly popular. Naturally. We never quite worked out if [ profile] nils was a swing and [ profile] erzibet a roundabout, or vice versa, but I don't expect it matters. I met [ profile] alan_ie's Irish friend Katri, who turned out not to be Irish after all, but Finnish and not unattractive. You'd think people would make things like that clear in advance. Still, she seemed very nice, confusions of nationality notwithstanding.

Slimes is quite fun, you know. One forgets. But I had a splendid time, and, like shingles and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'll be back. Hopefully improving on the six-months-between-visits that prevailed before yesterday...

Gosh, I'm terse and laconic this morning, aren't I? Never fear, I'm sure I'll froth and coruscate in more accustomed style when I'm not quite so tired. *yawn*


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